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LOTR or HP?!

Finally, the battle between Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings! JRR Tolkien's magnificent work of fiction finally goes through a hard battle with Harry Potter. Which is better? Let's find out!



In Harry Potter, there are two worlds, the Muggle World and the Magic World. Harry Potter has a unique portal between these worlds - the pillar between platform 9 and 10 (bit of a nasty shock for Harry when he collided with it with a BANG! in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets though. But even this unique idea of two worlds has it's defects. There is no map of the Magic World which make it difficult for readers to understand the world's geography. Lord of the Rings on the other hand has a beautifully drawn map which makes readers understand rather well. Round 1 to Lord of the Rings!


Writing Style:

Well, Lord of the Rings  may have won the first round, but alas! When Tolkien wrote it, he wanted to make a mythology, not a fantasy story. Therefore evry once in a while Aragorn or some elf bursts out singing like a Jack-in-a-Box! (no offense meant, really). Also too much detail is given about small things (or something like that) which makes it rather boring. Harry Potter on the other hand has a good writing style which gives it a deep and immersing storyling which can keep the reader hooked for ages.



Like I said before, Harry Potter had an immersing storyline, BUT hold onto your hats, Lord of the Rings wins! Harry Potter has an outstanding storyline, but Tolkien's LOTR has a better storyline. Yes, there it may be boring during sometimes, but some battle, like the Battle of Helm's Deep is totally epic.



With 17 oscars in total and a great storyline even better than the book, Lord of the Rings wins again. Yeah Harry Potter movies are great, but compared to Lord of the Rings, it's a flicker.

The Decision:

The Battle of Helm's Deep vs the Battle between Harry and Voldemort (meaning the entire series) the Battle of Helm's Deep Wins. Harry Potter is more of a school story, with funny jokes and great battles, but it is not the type of a Fantasy novel that will ever beat Lord of the Rings. This decision (meaning mine only) is final: the Crown goes to Lord of the Rings!!!


Lord of the Rings has reclaimed the crown in yet another battle, but it's not over. A day may come when another King comes and dethrones the King.



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